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What type of tissue is a tendon Composed of?

Dense regular connective tissueDense regular connective tissue comprises tendons and ligaments.Dense irregular connective tissue is seen in the dermis

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Which of the following are true regarding fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma?

also known as fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, is a rare liver cancer that primarily occurs in adolescents

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ADH test is based on the measurement of

Specific gravity of urine.The amount of solutes in the urine is determined by the specific gravity of the urine (SG). It determines how much pee is concentrated relative to water by calculating the ratio...

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Antibody having high valency is

IgM is a large pentameric structure, whose higher molecular weight tends to confine it within blood vessels

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Which fiber type has a lot of mitochondria?

Red fibers.The diameter of the fibres is lower; the diameter of the white fibres is bigger. Compared to white fibres, red fibres have more mitochondria. Fast-twitch muscle is made up of white fibres, while...

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What are the small tunnels seen in bone?


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Which of the following treatment is required in pregnant women with APLA?

No treatment

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Clinical features of malaria may include each of the following EXCEPT


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