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The major immunoglobulin present in the human serum is

IgG, or immunoglobulin G, is a class of antibody. IgG is the most prevalent form of antibody detected in blood, accounting for over 75% of serum antibodies in people.

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A 2 year old comes in for a well baby check-up. She should be able to……..

turn pages one at a time

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The term “chemical antagonism” means that:

two drugs combine with one another to form an inactive compoundRead more on -

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Regarding hydatid disease in man:

Is characterised by tapeworms in the intestines of humans.Cysts, which are the larval stages of the canine tapeworm E. granulosus, cause hydatid illness in humans.

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Delayed type of hypersensitivity is seen in

Contact dermatitis is a red, itchy rash caused by direct contact with a substance or an allergic reaction to it.

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The effect of ovarian steroid on anterior pituitary is

Mediated via hypothalamus

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In the staging of nonsmall cell carcinoma of the lung, which of the following are true?

Malignant effusion contraindicates curative resection

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Which of the following have decreased osmotic fragility?

Hereditary xerocytosis

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Crohn’s disease multiple choice question:

is characterised by the presence of caseating granulomas

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Bouins fluid is yellow because of the presence of –

picric acid

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Indicate the route of local anesthetic administration, which is associated……..

Spinal anesthesia

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Isometric (static) exercise differs from isotonic (dynamic) exercise in……..

Pressure in veins draining the exercise muscle Explanation - The muscle pump increases venous return during dynamic exercise, lowering venous pressure in dependent veins. Cardiac output must be ejected...

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