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Which one of the following genera predominates in the initial colonization………

Clostridium is a genus of a group of strictly anaerobic Gram-positive bacteria, which have the ability to produce a special type of dormant cell,

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Which of the following can be given safely in pregnancy?

Heparin.During pregnancy, unfractionated heparin (UFH) is still the preferred anticoagulant. As an appealing substitute for UFH, low-molecular-weight heparins (LMWH) are available.

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What are the main features of the right lung?

Two fissures are visible on its surface: oblique (separates the inferior from the superior and middle lobes) and horizontal (separated the superior from the middle lobe)

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All of the following mechanisms might account for a reduced risk of upper……….

Decreased ovulation.Reduced retrograde menstruation - prevents bacteria from entering the fallopian tube Bacterial penetration is lessened by cervical mucus that has thickened. alterations that occur gradually...

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To prepare vaccine for small pox, the material used by Edward Jenner is

Edward Jenner, who discovered that it is possible to vaccinate against Small Pox using material from Cow Pox, is rightly the man who started the science of immunology.

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A cause of nutritional cardiomyopathy is:

thiamine deficiency

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The most frequent cause of mitral stenosis is:

rheumatic heart disease

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Antibody present in colostrums is

Option b. IgA

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In which bacterial infection is treatment with antibiotics recommended?

E.coli 0157 gastrointestinal infection

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Southest Asian ovalocytosis is due to defect in:

Defect in band 3 The defect lies in a protein

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Serological reactions are useful for

Both a and b

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