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Appropriate workup of this patient includes.

A CBC can be performed to determine the body's drug levels. The test, which is actually a series of assays, provides information on red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets

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Which one of the following groups is responsible for the duration of the local anesthetic action?

Intermediate chain.A lipophilic group (often an aromatic benzene ring) and a hydrophilic group (typically a tertiary amine) are separated by an intermediate chain with an ester or amide bond in local anaesthetics.

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Syphilitic heart disease most commonly involves:

aortic valve.The term "syphilitic heart disease" is misleading because an aortitis is its primary lesion.

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The differential diagnosis of vaginal cysts include :

All of the above. several cystic lesions around the vagina and female urethra; some of the imaging differential considerations would include: urethral diverticulum; 

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What is the most frequent cause of GER in infants?

Lactose intolerance.cause damage to the surface of the small intestine resulting in temporary lactose intolerance. 

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Characteristics of simple febrile seizures include

All of the above.

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The carbon atom wh ich becomes asymmetric when the straight………….

Epimeric carbon atom

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Ventricular filling multiple choice question:

Gives rise to a third heart sound in some healthy people.Is most rapid in the first half of diastole.

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