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The po lysacchar ide found in the exoskeleton of invertebrates is

Chains of modified glucose are used to create the structural polysaccharide known as chitin. Insect exoskeletons, fungal cell walls, and a few hard structures in invertebrates and fish all include chitin.

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Hybridoma technique is used for

Monoclonal antibodies.These serological procedures or assays are employed to find monoclonal antibodies. The specific antigen is bound by the antibodies in both assays, but the medium's other ingredients...

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Which of these statements is a correct example of inattention.

Avoidance or dislike of tasks that require sustained mental effort. The inattentive child — whose symptoms include forgetfulness, apathy, or distractibility — may be misread as willfully disregarding...

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Indicate the local anesthetic, which is a toluidine derivative:

N-propyl-DL-alanine and 2-methylaniline have joined to produce the amide link in the amino acid amide known as prilocaine, which is used as a local anaesthetic.

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A carbohydrate, known commonly as invert sugar, is

sucrose.The invert sugar is created by adding heat and an acid, such as cream of tartar or citric acid, to a mixture of glucose (dextrose) and fructose.

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Do x-ray radiations have hazardous effects on everyone who work in hospital?

X-rays are frequently used by radiology technicians to diagnose patients. Doctors, nurses, and technicians may be at risk of excessive exposure and other harmful side effects if they do not use the right...

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Which cell is the most abundant cell in the epidermis?


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The character acquired by the cell due to recombination is


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