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The reaction of soluble antigen with antibody is known by

In the presence of electrolytes, soluble antigen interacts with its antibody (NaCI) Complex of antigen and antibody generates an insoluble precipitate. The following factors significantly affect the amount...

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When does the umbilical cord typically fall off a normal term infant?

two weeks. When your infant is around two weeks old after birth, the umbilical stump often dries up and comes out. Some kids lose their stump as early as 7 days and as late as 21 days, thus two weeks isn't...

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Idiosyncratic reaction of a drug is:

Unpredictable, inherent, qualitatively abnormal reaction to a drug.Drug reactions that are idiosyncratic or type B reactions are uncommon and unpredictable in the general population.

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A carbohydrate, commonly known as dextrose is

D-Glucose. Simply said, D-glucose is the regular type of glucose, also known as dextrose. Glucose is found everywhere. Almost all foods with any amount of carbohydrates have some.

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A carbohydrate found in DNA is

Ketopentose.ketopentoses In the pentose phosphate route, another significant metabolic process that generates the ribose required for ribonucleic acids, ribulose and xylulose are also intermediates.

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Role of magnesium in vaccine is

All of the above

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Name the different regions of the parietal pleura:

Costovertebral pleura

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Which of the following is not associated with Neurofibromatosis-1?

all of the following are associated with NF-1

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Target cells are formed due to:

Increase in surface area due to lipid gain Explanation- If the surface area of a red blood cell is enlarged disproportionately to its volume, target cells arise. Red blood cells, which are exceedingly...

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